July 19, 2007

Ah the joys of it all.....

Spare a thought for all those people without water thismorning..... LIKE ME!!!!! There I was 6:15am ( it's so cold I almost didn't get out of bed ) took all of my layers of pj's off to have a shower, standing there goose bumps almost becoming mountains, waiting..... waiting.... waiting.... NO WATER!!!! This is just crazy, so I quickly put my pj's back on and went for the jug to make a coffee, thankfully there was just enough water in it to make one for myself and Mark. So I was unable to wash my hair today something which I always do, feeling a bit stale so wanted to clean my teeth, there was only a few drops of water left in the jug and Mark and I had a bit of a rumble over who was going to get it first ( bit like a pair of two year olds fighting over a toy ) in the end we shared how nice is that!

Day 30

1 comment:

Jodi said...

OH NO!!!!! This kind of thing doesnt happen in this town!! Who bought the cold to town!!
You poor thing..... I love a shower of a morning to get warm, how will you survive the day? Great photo though!!