July 16, 2007

Groooovy Man!!!

Day 27
Today I was just freakin out because my little flower child's pad was all Groady n stuff, so after Buggin out this morning to take the little people to get some schoolin I put on some tunes that were Bitchin and cleared the little one's pad. Now it is lookin Outta Sight and I'm not Wiggin out any more because everything is Primo!!!!!!
Peace Out Man!!!!

I would like to introduce you all to our gorgeous little kitty Lulu. Lulu has just come of age and is in need of a little operation so those big nasty Tom cats will leave her alone. The kids are a little nervous about it all but I assured them that everything was going to be OK. So good luck for tomorrow Lulu!!!!


Pip said...

Brenda you are seriously crazy. I was reading your post thinking to myself that this girl is in need of some help and then I scrolled down to your photo .... you make a great hippie. I love it, good background too, the bonuses of living out of town. I like the photo from the day before too ... you are just too clever. I hope that LuLu is Ok, you reminded me to book Soxy in to the vet. Have good day.

Jodi Dolbel said...

Your hilarious!!! The absolute most bestest person always guarateed to make me laugh!!
Claps to you - man!!!