July 13, 2007

Yay I've caught up.....

Day 24 Incognito.....

or at least it seems that way, it's just so cold I needed to put my hood up!!!!
Day 23

My friend Jodie came out for a visit and to help me set my blog up.
Day 22
Once again trying to be a little creative.

Day 21
Caught up with Jodie and the kids for coffee after a few days away.

Day 20
I hate unpacking after being away it literally drives me mad, I just can't relax until it is all done!!!
Today is Mum's Birthday.... Happy Birthday Mum.

Day 19
Just drove 5 1/2 hours to get home ( looking a little bit worse for ware ) pulled up in the drive looked over and saw a real pretty rainbow.......

just in case you didn't believe me here it is.

Day 18
I haven't got a photo for today yet... when I went away I went to take a photo and noticed I had no memory stick, Yes that's right NO MEMORY STICK FOR MY CAMERA!!!!! All I had was a small emergency one that would only hold around 20 pictures. Day 18 is on Mum's camera..... I think?
Day 17
Today my baby girl Megan turned 5, took her on a shopping spree in Orange and once again she was spoiled rotten, I just can't help myself!

Day 16
No photo again it's on Mum's camera and when I get a copy I will post it.
I can tell you that we went and saw Shrek 3 only we turned up 2 hours early, never mind we'll just go shopping until it's the right time!.

Day 15
Just arrived at Mum and Dad's place with the kids, Oh boy it's cold! so I borrowed Mum's hat the one with the horns.

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