August 15, 2007

Feeling Energetic

We have a very small vegie patch but Megan and I didn't think it was big enough, so today I was feeling a little energetic and cleared all of this ready to extend our garden.
It took a few hours and a few blisters but I finally removed all of those big weeds and thick grass.... killed a few tennis balls in the process. I don't really need all of this space for the garden but when it gets really hot and the kids or myself are in the garden we want to be able to see the snakes coming!
So this is me day 57 and feeling every bit of it after that big effort!

Thought I might give you one of Mark's quirks instead of mine today.... Whenever we have a vegie patch he always insists on growing Tomatoes, that sounds pretty normal you might say..... only he doesn't eat them! Yet when we go grocery shopping he always buys a few tins of Tomatoes "You never know when you are gonna need them" he'll say. Yep he'll eat them out of a tin but not fresh.


Jodi said...

Totally adore those plats!!!! How cute do you look!
Hope the blisters soon heal!! Better have a day off tomorrow for a coffee!! Your working too hard girl!!

Jodi said...

Sorry.... gotta give you more work now. Yourve been tagged!!