February 25, 2008


NAUGHTY ALFIE!!! I was on the phone this morning discussing with my mother how well behaved our little Alfie is........ mum's new dog is a little bit naughty. I got off the phone walked outside and found this.......... I mean it's not as if he is shut in a tiny yard all day being ignored and bored out of his brain, he has 1000 acres to run around and explore if he wants........ Noooooo that makes tooooo much sense I'm just going to rip mum's plants out of their pots instead. Grrrrrrrr
Ryan never took much interest in cricket in previous years but this year he can't get enough of it! He knows all the players and if he isn't watching WWE Wrestling he's watching all the games or should I say Test Matches, One Day Games and 20 20 Games. Every afternoon we play cricket and I thought it was about time I took a picture of his batting style....... I can feel a layout coming on.
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