February 7, 2008

Lovin this

You know those 73 photos I took of Megan's first day at school...... well I picked out a few of my favourites (really hard to do as I liked them all) and came up with this layout.
Here are the little chipboard hearts I made a little closer.
Megan took to school like a duck to water I'm so proud. I was a bit worried about her yesterday as the school had way too may kindergarten enrolments for three classes (the max is 20) they needed to create a fourth and Megan was one of the children going into this class, I was worried because she was already settled and a new class with a new teacher might upset her. Not the case.... she came home yesterday and told me about all the great stuff she did in her new class and all about her new teacher. What a relief!!!!

That's all for now talk soon


Jodi said...

Brenda!! See that walk did you the world of good.... even though it was mostly done....
But didnt it turn out brilliant!! love the colours and the hearts!!!

Bronwyn said...

Hi Love this lay out