March 16, 2008

Big Night

Jodi had her 40th Birthday party last night......... I am so impressed with what she put together the food was to die for and the decorations were absolutely breath taking. There were about 380 meters of fairy lights strung up all over, gorgeous table center pieces and the list goes on and on, but that's not it was about the night was about Jodi and I'm pretty sure she had the BEST TIME EVER!!!! Old school friends came some that she had not seen for many years, it was a great crowd everyone had a few too many drinks ( Jodi included ) and some even turned their attention to the Karaoke Machine.
Here is a picture of my husband Mark just in case some of you didn't know what he looked like. He is one of those people who hate having their picture taken.
Here is Jodi and myself ......... starting to get a bit of glow up Jodi!!
This is Jodi's cake......... One flash cake I gotta tell you!!!

Here is Jodi after having a few more drinkies trying to cut the cake! lol
This is James and Ryan....... Hmmmmmm not really sure what's going on there, must have been good!! I would of taken a picture of Megan if she stood still long enough, she spent the majority of the night racing around the house, playing in the fish pond and dancing in front of the big projector screen that was set up outside for all of the teens to watch....... I'm sure they were impressed!
This is Mark and Craig having a quiet ale....... still doesn't like having his picture taken.
That's all for now or until I come across some more great pictures.
See you later

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