March 19, 2008

Easter Spirit

This is what happens when you are having so much fun on a Sunday afternoon painting eggs that you just don't know when to stop!!! My husband thought I was mad, the kids thought it was just the best idea ever and couldn't wait to see how it turned out, what do you think?
This is Megan with the only chook we could get hold of after letting them out for a run...... there is a hot pink one but she was a bit camera shy.
Here is our blue one..... she looks happy about the whole thing. Megan now wants to know if they are going to lay coloured eggs....... dah!!!
Megan is one of those kids that will pick up anything creepy or crawly...... here is a big green grasshopper she found while chasing the chooks.
I think it's missing a leg Megan..... Hmmmmmm!
I've been tagged - thanks Jodi!!!!
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OK, seven weird or random facts.

  1. Before sitting on a toilet I always check to see if there are any frogs or spiders around. Yes this has happened to me and let's just say it was lucky I was sitting on the toilet!!!!

  2. When I make myself a coffee I aways put the milk in first before the hot water, I think it tastes better.

  3. I like the fan on while I sleep because I like the sound it makes....... I know I'm asleep and can't hear it anyway, but that doesn't matter!

  4. I hate clutter in my house especially the kitchen, the only thing on any of the benches besides the microwave ( because there is no where else for it to go ) is the jug, and I don't even like that being there.

  5. I have lots and lots of shoes in my cupboard....... some have never been worn!

  6. I colour coded my wardrobe a few months ago...... and I love it! If I feel like wearing a particular colour for the day I just go straight to that section, too easy!

  7. I haven't had a girls weekend away ( no husband no kids ) for around 15 years, this is all about to change when 4 other crazy women and I head off to see Keith Urban next weekend.... woooohoooo!!! The best thing is Mark will get a taste of what I go through with the kids, can't wait!!

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Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

Love the Chooks.....

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

that is hilarious. Would love to see the pink one!

Jodi said...

Loving those chooks!!!