March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jodi

We had lunch at the Verdict on Monday to celebrate Jodi's 40th Birthday..... ate way too much, not a hard thing to do when the food is sooooo goooood! Really looking forward to the big bash on Saturday night hopefully I'll have some very happy snaps to show you next week...... or maybe not!
I've had a really busy few days with sick kids, Megan was sent home from school on Friday not well and she only went back to school today, she had a high temperature and an ear infection, she said the funniest thing on the weekend " Mum why do I have snot coming out of my ears?", how do you reply to that!!!
Ryan decided he was going to be sick today Grrrrrr, I think he just thought he was missing out on being pampered. He had a lovely day going to work with Dad while I had my hair done then we all went to lunch, got a DVD, had coffee with a friend then went to pick Megan up....... not bad for a sick kid don't you think!!!!! Hopefully tomorrow they will both be OK and I might be able to get a few things done.
Back on to getting my hair done, it took 3 1/2 hours which I don't mind..... it's quite nice being pampered I think, but then I sat down to lunch with my husband and he says "Why did it take 3 1/2 hours..... what did they do because I can't tell the difference!!!" Typical Grrrrr why do we bother!!!
Think I might go and not bother to cook him dinner and see if he notices that!!!! Ha ha ha ha, he's lucky I'm not that mean and I do understand that he is a man after all!
Hope you all had a nice day bye!

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