March 5, 2008

More storage

I found this cute little stand in a gift shop a few days ago and decided it would be great for a bit of storage....... it's just perfect for all those bits and bops that don't really have a home! Storage is becoming a bit of a problem at my house, I'm one of those people who can't stand clutter....... I create my layouts in absolute chaos then clean up straight away. We had a visit from my mum and dad on the weekend, it was a great weekend we even found another little dog for mum to take home and spoil! She wanted another dog because the other little dog she got 3 weeks ago needed a friend!

We love it when Nanny and Grandfather visit....... even though we do talk on the phone all the time it's much nicer to see them in person, Megan always cries when it is time for them to go home...... Hopefully one day they might live a bit closer!!
Here's a picture of Megan having a jump...... it looks like she is floating on air.
It's been a very busy week and I still have alot to do so I had better go, I might get some scrapbooking done in the morning so stay tuned!!!!

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