May 21, 2008

My Day......

I bumped into Jodi this morning outside the post office (as we do most mornings) had a bit of a chat about what a great time we all had yesterday and decided to go and have a coffee! We sat down to have a coffee and Jodi handed over a little parcel and said "this is for you", Hmmmm what's going on it's not my birthday, when I opened the parcel this is what was inside...... a gorgeous good luck charm for my Pandora bracelet!!! wow wow wow!!!! It came with a beautiful card and a very kind message......... I won't go into too much detail about the message but I know she meant every word she wrote....... thank you Jodi you are such a kind-hearted person.

Well after all that excitement I spent the rest of the day organising the next kit for Scraparooney..... I know you are going to love this one..... and guess what it's only going to cost you $60........I might start some sneak peeks next week so you will just have to keep checking!

Had a few more bookings for our big Scrapbooking Day at the club next week....... I'm really looking forward to should be a fantastic day! Remember if you want to join in just send me an email.

Tomorrow the kids get the day off school due to a teachers strike..... looks like I get to sleep-in past 6am wooohooo!! I'm not quite sure what we are going to do for the rest of the day as all of our fences have been torn down around our house and over the next few days a new one will be going up! This means tractors, post hole diggers and a bit of fence- straining...... not a good place to have kids running around.


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Tracey said...

Can't wait to get the next pack. Wish I was able to make your scrapping day at the club, are you doing packs for the day or is it do want you want. Love the Pandora it's one of my favorite things. And yes sometimes I wish there was two of me. But I do love all the things I do. Would like a little more time to scrapbook though.