July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan

It was a week ago I know but better late than never!! My little baby has turned a big 6....... here she is with one of the presents she got, this parrot is a very clever toy and Megan has not stopped playing with it and talking to it........ I'll be glad when the batteries run out so we can all have a break!

Megan wanted to go to McDonald's for lunch, so off to town we go I was hoping this would perk her up a bit because she wasn't feeling the best.... I think she had a touch of that horrible bug that had. When we ordered our lunch the only thing she wanted was a frozen coke...... now I know she is sick usually she tries to order half the board! Within about an hour she went from a happy little person sooooo excited about her birthday to this........
After McDonald's the kids wanted to go to the park and kick a ball, this lasted about five minutes then Megan just sat and watched...... looks miserable doesn't she.I made a quick little cake for her when we got home knowing that it probably wouldn't get eaten because we weren't well, Megan really came to life when she got it!!
I can't believe this is the same kid who only a few hours ago was soooo miserable.
I'm so glad our whole family are over this bug it has taken about two weeks...... and for the first time ever I have been too sick to get out of bed and look after the kids...... thankfully they are old enough to get something if they need it. I will be booking myself in for a Flu injection next year!!
We had planned on having a birthday party for Megan early in the week but had to put it off until this Saturday just gone...... it worked out better anyway the weather was perfect and no-one was sick. I have pictures to share but I'll do that in another post.
bye for now

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Meg said...

Love the cake!!!!