August 8, 2008

Catch Up

Wednesday morning was a little bit sad at my house....... because it was the last time that we would get to see our good friend's Nathan Kelly and their gorgeous baby Lilly for a little while..... here is Kelly and myself just before the tears started and they got on their way for another two days of driving.
Last Friday the kids had their athletics carnival.... I'm a bit late in posting I know but better late than never. It was a freezing cold day but the kids didn't seem to notice unlike me who had many layers of clothing on and it still didn't make a difference.
I still haven't mastered my new camera....... obviously!!!! a little fuzzy but you still get the idea.Here is Megan showing off her 1st place stickers.

Here is a sunset I caught a few days ago......... I get really amazing sunsets where I live and every day they are a different colour.
Yesterday I spent all day cleaning out all my scrapbooking stash.........I found so many things I had totally forgotten about it was great.......... now I can actually see my scrapbooking table and there aren't piles and piles of everything stacked up or shoved to one side......... it looks lovely and I might even try to get a layout done very soon!!!
I spent a little bit of time baking this morning......... these yummy cookies are so quick and for dummies like me who are not that good at baking unless it comes out of a box they are so easy......... the last batch I made only lasted two days so they've got to be good!!!!
I think I might go and have a cookie with my morning coffee bye bye.

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