September 1, 2008

Lots of photos to share

Our weekend began with tennis lessons for both Ryan and Megan.....Ryan is going really well....Megan, well she'll get there eventually.
How does someone get their hair caught in a tennis net?Ryan ready for action.
Friday arvo we called in to Vicki's for a coffee.....didn't leave until 9pm.....we decided to have a pizza night washed down with a few bottles of wine. Megan found a guitar and pretended she was Colbi Caillat...... she pleaded with me to buy her a guitar of her own....mmmmm still thinking!!
Here is a picture of Ryan and his must be spring because if you look hard you can see a few green leaves opening up on the tree.
Yesterday it rained all wasn't cold just wet so Megan and I did a few jobs outside in the rain. Before we went out I took a really nice picture of her sweet little face.
This is the picture I'm most excited about.......Megan all wet out in the rain...... I love it because it is just so Megan........always the first to jump in the puddle or sit down in the mud...... shortly before this I found her with her head stuck under the overflow on one of the tanks having some sort of shower. I love this kid !!!
I have received this award from both Jacki Janse Van Rensburg and Jodi.
So now I have to nominate blogs which I really love to visit and leave a message telling them of their nomination, so here goes...

Jacki - Just because she is so Monica.

Amanda - She is a clever scrapbooker.

Jodi - Always something exciting to share.

Tracey - Has a very busy life.

Melissa - One crafty Mumma

There that was really hard.........I visit many many blogs on a daily basis and I love them all, they are all very interesting for their own take a look at these few and say hello!!
And just for fun, this makes me smile........

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Jackie / Kate said...

Adore the photo of Megan....I can see a cracker of a scrapbook layout coming with that one !!