September 17, 2008

What to do?

A few days ago Megan woke up with a little pimple type thing on her Megan woke up with about 30 spots on her belly and back...........she is all up to date with her vaccinations I've even had her in for a few extra vaccinations. So when I tried to get an appointment at the Doctors surgery today......not going to happen all booked out sorry.......I was told to go and visit the hospital and see a doctor. So off we go prepared to sit and wait a few hours... the nurse said without even looking that it sounded like measles.....great, just great. When I eventually did get her into see a doctor I couldn't understand a word she said.......truly I have nothing against foreign doctors but please if you are going to practice in an English speaking country please speak English!!! I said to the lovely doctor ( and she was really nice ) contagious contagious and she shook her head "NO NOT CONTAGIOUS". She had a few other things to say about the spots......I heard the words "not measles"......but the rest was just gibberish........eventually I was handed a script for antibiotics and some cream. This afternoon Megan has a few more spots she isn't feeling sick at all and has no I had another attempt at getting an appointment at the doctors surgery.......sorry the next available appointment will be a week away.......I don't want to go back to the hospital and get that very nice non-English speaking doctor again......I want our English speaking family doctor is that too much to ask!!!! I am one very frustrated mummy today!!!! Arrrgghhh!!!

I wanted to share a picture of the two floor cushions I made for the kids.....I made the pink one ages ago and it has taken me until last week to make the green one for Ryan......the kids love them!!

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Jodi said...

Oh Brenda!!! I feel your frustration!! Is meagan itchy at all with them? are they bothering her???
You have your stuff from the chemist, so hopefully that should help until you get into the doctors...