January 9, 2009

More to share

Have you got this months issue of Scrapbook Creations yet? I knew this was going to happen just not sure when so it was a nice surprise to see this when looking through.......it is in the "Simply Said" section.
Now for one of those catch up things again......A few months back I had not one but two layouts published in the same issue......Scrapbooking Memories Vol 10 No 8. This one was put into the "Buttons Gallery".

This one was in the "Final Encore Gallery". I was very surprised that this one was published because the pictures were actually taken on my mobile phone.......I had no choice because it was the one and only day of the year that Mark decided he needed my camera for the day.....isn't that totally typical that something truly funny happens when you have NO CAMERA!
Here it is a little closer.
There is a real funny story attached to this last layout so if you have a minute here it is......It was sunny winter's afternoon and I was cleaning up inside the kids were outside amusing themselves, all of a sudden I could hear the most devilish laughter I had ever heard!!! Upon investigation this is what I found......Megan's head and hair was caked in mud about and inch thick. I told them ( after I took a few happy snaps on my mobile phone ) that I would have to hose them down before they could come inside to the shower. The very second I hit Megan with the hose she ran.....and because she was unable to see where she was going she ran right into the clothes line which at the time was full of nice clean dry washing!! That totally made my day.....I was really cranky at the time and I won't tell you what I said but looking back now it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen, I wish I had it all on video because I'm positive it would have won Australia's Funniest Home Video.
That's all I have to share today


Michelle T said...

Hi Brenda

CONGRATULATIONS on your published layouts they look absolutely great.
I have the books and spotted them when I was looking through them.

Talk soon

Michelle T

Meg said...

Well done Brenda...they are great layouts. I might have to scraplift them.