July 20, 2009

Photo Overload!!!!

For the past few days we've been down at our farm which is a few hours away from where we live, the views and the scenery are just gorgeous....

Apart from growing a few crops we mostly run alot of these..........We went to clean up a few old fallen down trees and burn them, sounds like hard work doesn't it? Well yes it was but we had a fantastic time.....and I think I burnt up around 10,000 calories in just a few days, what a bonus!!!!

The first night we cooked out dinner in the camp oven......it was just perfect.

Megan had a great time collecting wood and throwing it on the fire.......I think I said something in my last post about lighting a campfire being great entertainment!!

We drove around late in the afternoon checking on a few things, and chasing a few ( more like 50 to 60 ) kangaroos to see how fast they went.

Mark checked a few paddocks to make sure the grass was growing!
I caught Megan just staring into the distance........not quite sure where she was!!
The next day we cooked dinner in the camp oven again.....
Lamb Chops......they were finger lickin' good. Can't get much more Australian than that!!!At one stage Megan got little too close to one of the huge fires and some of her hair melted......her hair is now slightly layered at the back. It could have been alot worse if her hair wasn't tied up, she was banned from throwing sticks on the big fires after that!!!
Ryan found this old cow skull.......Megan thought it was a dinosaur head!
She then found a funny looking rock and thought it was a fossilised dinosaur egg......she was very disappointed when she realised it was just a rock.
This old emu lives over at the in-laws farm, it's been there for at least 30 years. I hate the thing.....I remember it sat on some potato's trying to hatch something.....it's one crazy freaky bird!! It sorta attacked my MIL once and my FIL and my Husband stood back and watched not concerned at all, It took my MIL about 2 minutes to scare the thing off, I've been scared of it ever since and I never let the kids go outside alone when we visit!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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