August 25, 2009

I finished this painting for a special little girl today, it's going to look super sweet hanging in her newly decorated bedroom.
Now I can pack all the paint away and pull out the sewing machine, this next project might be a little tricky......but I'm going to give it a go anyway!
This morning Miss Megan put on a big act about being sick, waited until Ryan was at school and we were home, then it was like someone flicked a switch and she was all better......I never saw anyone recover from severe stomach pains like that before!
I didn't let her get away with just watching cartoons all day, I made her do some homework and because her class is studying Ancient Egypt at the moment we did a bit of research of our own!!
Did you know.....Each block used to build a great pyramid weighed as much as two and a half adult elephants! And up to two million of these blocks could be used to make one pyramid. It could take as long as 20 years.
After all that excitement she wanted to paint with Mum.
I drew on some flowers like the one I was working on and let her go for it. I so love what she did with it.
After that she got a little excited and just kept adding, and adding, until there was no more paint left, the end result is still really cute I think.
Just to let you know, we still have a snail for a pet in our house!!!!
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Julie said...

Beautiful work Megan :)