August 23, 2009

It's good being Seven.

Remember when you could sleep in on a Sunday morning, and when you eventually dragged yourself out of bed all you had to do was blurt out what you wanted to eat for breakfast on the way to the lounge to watch some cartoons. Then someone laid your clothes out on your bed for you....if they didn't you'd be quite happy to play in your Jim Jam's all day.

This is the life of my daughter, she has a huge social life too.....way bigger than mine!! Yesterday she had a play date with her little friend Tayla and brought a snail she found in their garden home for a pet!!! It's currently living in an old plastic strawberry punnett in her bedroom....Yay!!!
Today after a slow start she went to the pictures with her little friends Lucy and Savannah and came home with one of these.........
I loved having a toffee apple as a treat when I was a kid.
Seeing Megan with one today certainly brought back memories of my childhood, the toffee was always the best because more often than not the apple on the inside was not as good!
However this apple was super crunchy........and of course super sticky!!!
Sometimes I wish I could be seven again.
I baked a batch of choc chip cookies yesterday......super cute Huh?
I've got to go dig out some summer clothes even though it's still supposed to be winter here! I checked on the veranda a short time a go and it was 30 degrees......that's 86 degrees for those of you who are used to things in Fahrenheit. This I'm sure is the hottest winter on record, things are already dry and the lawn is struggling to survive.......if only it would rain!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Susan said...

Seven is great! That's the age of the kids I teach. Always amusing!
PS Stop by. yYu'll be glad you did!

Susan said...

You'll...You'll be glad you did!