September 3, 2009

Tea anyone?

I'm having a great time with these Tea Sets at the moment, I love collecting really colourful fabrics and creating something which is so pretty and alot of fun!

I've added a couple of tea bags to the set so you can have the whole experience and "dunk" as well. Don't forget I'll make you one of these for $40 if you like and I'll even try to do it in your favourite colour. This offer will only last until September 17, after that they will go up to $50, so get in quick!!
This Tea Set was a customer order, I'm pretty sure she won't mind me sharing it with you..... cute isn't it?
Here is the close up of the cute little tea bags.....
And just for something completely unrelated this is what I've been having for lunch for the past 3 weeks, I love fresh fruit.
OK, I'm off to go clean up my sewing area so I can start a new project without mess and clutter....this might take a while!
Thanks for all your lovely comments......I appreciate them very much!


passion4pink said...

Love your teaset, very cute cheap too!!Thinking these are good for chrissy pressiestoo.I like both the colour combos KOOOL!!

meg said...

Anyone for Tea???
How funky are those tea set...
Just sent you a email..

Pip said...

WOW, you are amazing ... the tea sets are just gorgeous and love the tea bags ... now you just need to figure out how to make a frothy double shot cappuccino!

Julie said...

Loooove the Tea Bags.... :)
Hope you get lots of orders they look fantastic!