February 4, 2010

My Creative Space.

I love love love this idea! This morning I had a hair appointment so I stocked up on a few magazines before I went, one of those magazines was House & Garden, I've got to say I got a little excited when I came across this picture! ( Sorry about the photo quality )
I have got to get myself an Apple Tree ( a dead one I think would work best ) and bring it inside! I've been thinking about which piece of furniture I could do without in my teeny tiny house and put a tree in it's place! I wonder if my husband could go without his recliner?
Here is a picture of my son and his "Creative Space" this week. He loves to cook, he thinks he's a contender for Master Chef. Nearly every afternoon I'll find him pottering around in the kitchen, reading a cook book or he'll be telling me how to cook dinner. We went to a party not so long a go and I made a dip with avocado in it, my aspiring Master Chef told me that if I left the avocado seed in the dip the avocado wouldn't go off!!! Would you believe he is only 9 !!!
Here is some linen I picked up this morning, my kind of colours! Not quite sure what I'll turn it into yet....I thought the black crochet flowers looked kinda nice with it! Hmmmmm.
If you want to see some more Creative Spaces head on over to kootoyoo and say hello.
PS: The roast was delicious!!!!

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Kirsty said...

I heard that there is going to be a kid's masterchef...maybe he should have a go.

The linen looks wonderful with the grey flowers.