February 11, 2010

My Creative Space.

It's time for " My Creative Space" again and this week I have a few things to share.
Firstly something that everyone absolutely loves.......a package with delicious fabrics inside arrived a few days ago, I'm looking forward to having some time so I can put them to good use! I've purposely left them in their packaging because I'm not going to allow myself to start another project until all the other little unfinished ones on my desk are done! I wonder how long that will last!
Aren't they cute? Sage and Floss.
Last year I finally got around to crocheting Megan one of these beautiful thick and warm blankets for the end of her bed.
Today while having a bit of a clean up around the house I found all of these in a box! Oooops! Sorry Ryan I didn't get to finish it......I think I ran out of wool and couldn't get the colours I needed from memory. So once the new seasons wool starts appearing in the shops I'll make sure I get enough to finish it.....hopefully in time for the cooler weather.
And now for something completely unrelated to "My Creative Space" take a look at what was in the washing when I went to fold it this afternoon.......
I won't tell you exactly what came out of my mouth but lets just say it was very un-lady-like! So after I calmed down and took a picture for you all to see I sucked it up with the vacuum cleaner.......no more spider!
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Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

What beautiful prints in the package (points for being restrained and not opening them up yet!).

I'm glad you had the vacuum handy to suck up that visitor. Frankly, that would be just the excuse Id be looking for not to fold the washing any more!

Amanda said...

all your projects are so lovely! i wish i could crochet a rug, maybe i could knit a rug...

Vic said...

HOLY @#$%!!!!!

I would have died. I would be dead. Now. If I had been within photo-taking distance of that beast.



Luffly owls.

I adore them.

happyment said...

Wonderful owls! Love them! You're absolutely right about not opening the packages yet :) I'd do the same.

P.S.That spider looks scary!

yardage girl said...

Great space, EXCEPT for the ugly spider - ewww!

Kirsty said...

Sage & Floss are just wonderful.

Jackie / Kate said...

HOLY CRAP !!!! My toes are so curling up at the sight of that thing.. Love the owls though xx

Julie said...

YAY Someone else who uses the vaccume as pest control! LOL

Love all of your creative bits :)
I am trying to be good and not purchase any more fabric until I use (some) of what I have... trying :)

Have a lovely weekend

Penny said...

Eeek! at the spider!