February 25, 2010

My Creative Space.

For this weeks Creative Space I would like to share a little bit more of my latest obsession......cushions!

This one was inspired by one of Megan's T-shirts which had an apple on it.
And because I like apples I made this little 20cm x 20cm cushion to go with the bigger one.
Together they look like this!
This is the big one I've been working on of a night time.......it took what felt like a month to make as once again the design was totally hand stitched on. The cushion measures 60cm x 60cm so it's quite large, I think it would look great just about anywhere around the house!!
What will I put on the next cushion?
If you want to check out Kirsty and all of her creative followers head on over to Kootoyoo and say hello!


Kirsty said...

These are lovely. I really appreciate the time the hand stitching takes...the effect is fabulous.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

these look wonderful ... black and white with a contrasting colour are perfect together.

Jackie / Kate said...

Love the cushions... I'm eyeing off that little red apple one !!! That would look great on my lounge !!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Your cushions look stunning - I especially love the tree with the little bird. I admire you doing all that hand stitching!

yardage girl said...

These look great - love the fabrics!

Amanda said...

well done on finishing that hand stitching, the tree looks great.

i love the apples!! One of my favourite colour combinations - red/pink, black, white/cream.

I think its coz you get the warmth and vibrance from the red but the crisp coolness from the black and white

Jodi said...

That tree is amaising!! And i totally LOVE those apples!

Megan said...

absolutely beautiful cushions! i really like the detail at the bottom of the tree. hand stitching them all must have taken so much work! lots of love in those cushions :)