March 23, 2010

It happened!

I bought this little machine 5 years ago to use on my scrapbooking layouts, it was perfect, easy to use and I think it only cost $200. Over the past few weeks I noticed that when I put my foot down on the pedal that sometimes nothing happened, it was like the power wasn't getting through, so I just gave it a bit of a jiggle and away it went. Yesterday afternoon no amount of jiggling would make my wonderful little machine go........a very sad moment!
Fortunately I have had this brand new machine sitting on my desk for the past 4 to 5 months. I didn't want to use it because that would mean that I would have to get familiar with all the computerised settings, the reverse button is in the wrong spot and it never stops exactly when I want it to! Cathy gave me a bit of a lesson when I bought it and I think I should have gone home and practiced what I was shown instead of going straight back to my old machine!
I am going to spend today giving it a go........I can see that there might be a bit of un-picking ahead of me until I master what I want to do, and because I don't want to throw this machine away I might see if I can get my hands on a new pedal for it.
The markets on the weekend went well, I sold alot of bunnies and a few other bits and pieces. I'm going to another one this weekend so I'm trying to get together just a few more goodies.......I suppose it all depends on how well I go on the new machine.
Thanks for stopping by.


Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

I have the poor cousin to your new machine ... mine is the DC3018 (less stitches!). Its really lovely to use though. Hope you enjoy yours Good luck!!

Little Ted Canvas said...

That does look impressive & just a little daunting. Give it a go, I bet you'll love it!

Susan said...

It will take some getting used to, I'm sure. But before long your new machine will be buzzing along, seamlessly popping out one bunny after another! With all the sewing you do it won't be long before it feels just right!

Julie said...

I hope you and your new machine become the best of friends. I also hope you find a new foot for your other machine... My machine is a real family member to me...sad, I know, but after 18 years you becom very attached! LOL
Glad the markets went well for you :)

maryboys said...

what a happy, friendly place you have here...i love your owls:) i will see you around...