March 4, 2010

My Creative Space.

Yesterday afternoon I thought I'd take a little break from the whole cushion thing and make something cute for Easter, so I sketched up a pattern for a bunny, I wanted it to have huge floppy ears as well as extra long arms and legs.......this I though was going to be easy! As cute and sweet looking as these two little bunnies are, they gave me a bit of trouble when trying to piece them together........ Why? Because when I had to stuff those big floppy ears and extra long arms and legs into the middle of the body while I stitched around it, it was a bit of a tight fit.....too tight. After alot of struggling and stuffing and a bit of a contortion act ( by the bunny ) I finally got them together!
Cute little girly Easter Bunnies aren't they? Now I think I might have to make some Easter Monsters for the boys?
I think it was worth the struggle of trying to get them together, I think next time I won't pack the arms and legs to much so it'll be a bit easier!
I found a use for some of those crochet flowers I made a few months back.......perfect little brooches for the bunnies.
These little girls are going to market with me I think, but if you'd really like one let me know and I'll see what I can do.
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Kirsty said...

They are lovely. I really like the little crochet detail.

Kellie Christie said...

Those bunnies a adorable!! You need some boy bunnies to go with them :-)

ecoMILF said...

Those are spectacular. I wish I could whip something up like that!! xo m.

Julie said...

You are so clever! They are fantastic! :)

Little Ted Canvas said...

They are so beautiful, I love the colours, especially the navy crocheted trim. Nice work!

Jodi said...

Again, totally adorable!!!!
You keep coming up with these amaising creations!! Your so clever!!!

Amanda said...

the bunnies are lovely... will we get a baby chicken update soon?