April 6, 2010

Black Bird Cushions

I just wanted to share a few cushions I made for my Etsy Store.
The big ones are 50cm x 35cm and the little ones are only 20cm x 20cm.
They all have a zip in the back.
The colours look great all mixed up!
I'm quite attached to these ones they look so beautiful all together.
These would go perfectly with pretty much any decor. I have just listed a couple of them in my Etsy Store......I haven't done the red ones yet, it all takes time to load them all up and my son is busting to use the computer. If you want the red ones or any combo for that matter just send me an email.
Thanks for stopping by.


Little Ted Canvas said...

All gorgeous & your stitching is beautiful!

englishrose said...

Those cushions are really beautiful! I love them.

Sally said...

Your stitching is amazing - 100% stunning.