April 13, 2010

Quick Share.

It's F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F Freezing at my house this morning, would you believe two days ago I had the air-con on! Last night I wanted a nice toasty bed to crawl into so I put on my electric blanket for the first time this year, this morning I went looking for some nice big warm slippers only to realise 20 min later that I threw them out last year.....thick socks will have to do for now.

So because it's a bit cold at my house and I'm already on my second coffee ( just another excuse to sit in front of the computer ) and the fact that I'm not going to allow myself to do any stitching of any kind today ( how will I cope ? ) until I have cleaned my neglected house which has traces of a Myth Busters experiment smeared all over the bathroom, front door and laundry.......don't ya love that? I would like to share an experiment of my own.

Did you understand that or was that too much dribble?

So here is the experiment......
I've decided to create a cushion like I would approach a scrapbooking layout ( minus the photo ) I'm not sure if it's going to work or look any good for that matter but I do know I'm liking the colours so far.
If it works out I will share in another post.
I'm going to finish my coffee and procrastinate a little more.......bye for now.


Steph said...

Looks gorgeous so far! Would love to see the finished product. Oh, procrastination...it is evil isn't it? :)

Little Ted Canvas said...

That looks so beautiful, I love your stitching, and the fabrics you've used is gorgeous!