April 17, 2010

Shop Handmade

Congratulations to all the gorgeous girls at Shop Handamde.

Tiana, Tania, Rosalind, Jennie, Vanessa, Julie (owner), Rachel (owner), Lisa.
They have all done such a wonderful job setting up and displaying all of the gorgeous goodies from all the 90 or so designers.

I'm thinking that it would so be worth driving 8 hours just so I could go soak it all in and give the credit card a work out!!
I've been stitching up a storm trying to get some more goodies ready for the post on Monday.....my fingers hurt but the excitement I'm feeling about being a part of this fabulous shop far out weighs the pain!
There are a few blogs you have got to check out because they have pictures of all the goodies sold at Shop Handmade.
Go visit the official Shop Handmade Blog and say hello to Tania.
The lovely Jennie from Posie Patchwork has been so wonderful at keeping me updated, two of my little owl pincushions found a home at her house. Rosalind from Grace Designs has a beautiful blog also....... go check them all out and say hello.

Thanks for stopping by.


Knicky Knacks said...

That shop looks wonderful particularly with your beautiful owls at the front. Hope they sell like hotcakes!

Julie said...

I am so excited for you!!!! :)
That looks like an amazing shop, yes, not a safe place for credit cards lol

Posie Patchwork said...

OH yes, loving my owls!! Sure, why not drive 8 hours, you'll love it!! I went back again today, there is one blue owl left in the pin cushion variety, he's lonely!! Love Posie

Steph said...

Everything looks wonderful! And when I looked at Patchwork Posie's shots of all the sales on opening day nearly everyone of them had one of your little owls! Would love one myself. Would you put one in your Etsy ftore for me (when you get a spare minute!)Hope you sell up a storm :)

passion4pink said...

wow!! your stuff is right up the front there. I knew you would be a hit!! hope you can sew fast cause i think there will be some orders coming in from that little sop alone. well done!!

Market Girl said...

Wow Brenda, your things are just walking out the door! Your owls are the talk of Handmade!
Just love your things. Well done x
Julie x

Rosalind said...

Thanks for the link love and kind words :-)