June 1, 2010

The reveal.

Well here it is....the cot, the baby ( not a real one ) and the quilt!
It looks good altogether.......now I think I'll have to do something on a much bigger scale for Megan's bed. This little quilt measures 50cm x 70cm.
This cot was given to my mother when she was a little girl about Megan's age, Megan has had it for a few years now and it's usually piled to the brim with dolls and a few stuffed toys.........today that is going to change, only one baby sleeps here now!
It feels kinda cool to be able to make something special which adds to the cot, maybe one day Megan can pass onto her children.
Apart from being used for a bit of vintage storage I knew those suitcases would come in handy......they make really nice props for my photo's.


by marie-nicole said...

That's beautiful... what a nice tradition to have in your family, everyone contributing to the decorating of the cot.

What a great job you've done on the quilt.

yardage girl said...

Love your little quilt - it will look great in a larger scale too. Lovely work!

Cotton Kiwi said...

It is fantastic and I really love the colours against the white cot. Good luck with keeping all the other toys out of it! I have given in!

Tracey said...

looks fabulous - I made one similar single bed size for my daughter - it was the first quilt I have actually finished!

passion4pink said...

That's really beautiful! Lots of love went into that quilt too....