July 24, 2010

What's going on!

It's been quite a busy week this week and having the kids back at school gave me the opportunity to get back into some serious sewing! I have a few more things to show when I get the chance to take a few pictures. This is just a quick shot of some of the gorgeous kids belts stacked up ready to go.
I know I've talked about this before, but my daughter will pick up anything.......and here is just two things she caught this week.......
This afternoon it was this giant caterpillar.
It kind of creeped me out but she didn't mind at all, in-fact she wanted to keep it as a pet!
Just like the little willie wag tail she caught a few days ago.......straight out of the cats mouth! She thought it was injured when she brought it inside to show me, then it flew out of her hands! It found a nice little perch up on top of my Yardage Design tea towel, I was just hoping that it didn't poop all over it!
It took a good half an hour to hunt it out an open door.
So there you go........never a dull moment!


Posie Patchwork said...

OH hello, i missed you Brenda, i'm back!! Gorgeous belts, lovely. My children pick up anything & everything too, they know i squirm & love to show me up CLOSE what they have. One morning, living in Darwin, they showed me each & every one of the 22 frogs they took out of the downstairs/ outside toilet, LOVELY!! Icky, love Posie

Jackie / Kate said...

OHHH think I like the pink and white ones now.... can you please bring a couple in next time so I can choose one.. Cheers x

Cotton Kiwi said...

My daughter is like that too (and I was the same). Very glad the bird didn't poop on your teatowel! Love the belts

Gifts of Serendipity said...

The clever Willy Wagtail is my favourite birdy of all and I couldn't believe that you had one in your home [albeit inadvertantly].
Having just discovered your blog, I'm having lots of fun catching up on all that you do.