August 9, 2010

Hello there!

It's been a few days since my last post and I really didn't mean to neglect my blog but there has been quite a bit going on around here.

Apart from being swamped with orders to finish I had Megan home sick for three days and in that time I had to make a quick trip down to my mothers (near Orange) which is a 5 hour drive to take her a "home kill". It was lovely to catch up with both mum and dad, but the weather really turned it on just for our arrival I'm sure.

Here is a shot of a canola crop we spotted not far from our farm which is on the way to my mothers.
There was a bit of a storm brewing.
On Friday morning we went into town to have a coffee and do a spot of shopping. There is this one coffee shop we always go to, in fact I think my parents have been going to this particular coffee shop since it opened 20 odd years ago. Directly across the way there is an ABC Book Shop and it's always one of our stops after coffee........the kids know that I will never deny them a book if they find something they like, so we went in there looking for something for Megan. We were browsing away when something caught my eye, I couldn't believe my luck when I turned and saw this.......
OMG I ran and clutched it in my arms......just incase someone else spotted it as well. I remember a post from the lovely Nic over at Yardage Design a little while ago, it was a post about Cath and Kirsten the two talented ladies in the book. I remember thinking that I would love to own that book it looks so beautiful...............and let me tell you it is!
There are pages and pages of their gorgeous work and projects to do. Cath and Kirsten have a blog called Prints Charming and it's well worth a look......I have spent quite a bit of time looking around at all the clever things they do.
After I found my book and Megan found hers I didn't care about any of the other shops I was quite content with what I'd found. On the way home we did manage to stop at every antique store we could find, I had a bit of fun there also..........I'll share when I've taken a few pictures.
So after all that and having to go away for Rugby Union yesterday, today I have woken up with Megan's cold, I feel like crap but I have something which will make me smile when I have a coffee later new book!


by marie-nicole said...

What gorgeous photos of the canola fields.

Enjoy your book, and I hope you recover soon from that dreaded cold.

Gifts of Serendipity said...

Thank you for this post.
It evokes such wonderful memories of travelling to my Grandparents in Grenfell and luminous canola crops agains the blue-grey of the mountains and the vivid blue of the sky.
I hope that you are all snuggly under a doona somewhere with your treasured tome and feel a lot better as the day progresses.
x Felicity

PS I swear by Olive Leaf extract to get rid of the lurgies [or at the very least reduce their length]

Little Ted Canvas said...

That does look a gorgeous book! Sounds like a busy few days you've had, nice though to catch up with your parents. I hope you are feeling better very soon..

Melissa said...

CAnola fields, remind me of our drives through Saskatchewan. I would have been super happy with the book too!