September 17, 2010

Little Hoot!

Yesterday afternoon I was playing around and thinking about things on a smaller scale. What could be more cuter than a miniature owl!
Some of the details are slightly keep the costings down. I think I'm going to sell them for $15 each.
This little sweetie way too cute for words!
My work desk is a disaster and it's driving me mad, it looks like a cyclone has hit! This week I've had 4 -5 things on the go at the same time and I think it's time to just clear the crap and start fresh in the morning.
Going to try something new out of my Donna Hay book tonight........I'm not a chef so this could be interesting!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned.


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh great, more firm sales from me to you at Shop Handmade. They are adorable & think - little babies for our bigger sad owl. Oh skipping, send them soon as i'm off for the school holidays. Love Posie

moose and bird said...

It's funny how things are always so much cuter in miniature. And when your gorgeous owls were already super cute....I can't describe how cute the miniature ones are. x

Katie R said...

Hi Brenda

I love the little owls they are soooo... cute!, mum would love to buy some.

Katie R