September 21, 2010

More Miniatures!

I got my camera back so now I can show you what I've been up to.
The cuteness factor on these little feathered friends is off the scale!
I really had alot of fun making these.........I'm going to do more in all sorts of colour combinations.
I might even turn some into hanging Christmas ornaments!
Oh the possibilities!
Here they are having a little rest before being packed in a box ready for Shop Handmade.
I got a big linen order in excited! Now I can create, create, create til my hearts content.
What are you up to?


Little Ted Canvas said...

they really are so adorable! I love the white with pink especially..and i love your ornament idea! Happy creating...

Anonymous said...

oh so cute
can i order two pls i would love a red and brown for me and a white and green for my mum not bright green but the old fashion green you used to see in the old tins and mixing bowls ! no rush just whenever you get the time
Bridge xx

Jessica said...

They are such cuties! My sewing machine is a the doctors for a couple of weeks, so I am working on some stitcheries.
PS. I am having a giveaway over at my blog - Scrappy n Happy. Check it out!

Posie Patchwork said...

Gorgeous!! 'nuff said. Love Posie

Gifts of Serendipity said...

Ooh, I'm loving the idea of little owls on our Christmas tree!

x Felicity

PS I thought of you today as I read the following post about owl cupcakes and thought that you might like to go and have a peek...

Anonymous said...

hey changed my mind
can you make me the bigger owl in the white and green for mum and mine the smaller in white and red please
tah xxxxxxxxx

OMG where bouts did you score the bakers twine from ???? love bakers twine :)

Teresa A Aquino Soranso said...

Brenda, your blog is very cut, beautiful.Happy creating..