September 8, 2010

New Cook Book.

Yesterday afternoon while at the Post Office I spied this gorgeous book. It's a collection of "the best of Donna Hay magazine", and I think it was an absolute bargain at only $29.99. I don't feel that I'm a very inspirational cook ( give me something to sew no problems ) but the simplicity of these recipe's and stunning photography is sure to get me a little inspired in the kitchen.
I think there might be something special on the menu for dinner tonight.
I have Ryan home sick for the third day in a row today.....poor little possum! I'm sure he'll be feeling better in a while ( after the antibiotics kick in ) and be wanting to make something for himself out of my new book.
Thanks for stopping by.


Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh I was just looking at this very book yesterday! I'm not the most passionate cook (massive understatement) so I couldn't justify buying it when we have a shelf full of books I rarely use, but it sure did look nice. I hope your little fellow is better very soon.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, i got one like this last season, i love the styling, clothes, props (can you tell i'm not a great cook??) The books even feel delicious. Love Posie

Jessica said...

I love the Donna Hay mag, so I'm sure the book is great!

ZippyZippy said...

I was given this book for my birthday last year, very nice!
My fav is the pizza dough at the moment