September 1, 2010

Spicing things up!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon trying to "spice" things up a little! It was a little bit tricky trying to judge the amount needed for each pear and by late afternoon I think I had sniffed that much spice that I simply couldn't smell it anymore.........but this morning, oh boy do they smell good!
Today I have that much work to do it's not even a little bit funny! So what does a girl do.........have a coffee and then do a spot of shopping! Perfect relief for my stressed out overloaded brain!

I bought this absolutely gorgeous dress and because I'm a little challenged in the height department I didn't think that that should be the reason for not buying something I really liked and thought would look great with a pair of knee length boots and a bit of extra layering up top! So wish me luck because I'm about to hack into a very expensive little number with a pair of scissors!
Hope it all works out!


Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh that's lovely, more favourite colour too! I'm sure it'll be perfect when you're done. As for those pears...heavenly!

by marie-nicole said...

A bit spice in your pairs sounds like a great idea.

All the best with the hacking, I am sure it will look great once your done.

Penny said...

If anyone can work a little magic on a dress with scissors and thread, it's you Brenda! I'm sure it will look fabulous!