September 28, 2010

Time to get moving!

Apart from a load of other things going on around here at the moment it's time to move into top gear and start preparing for some Christmas markets!

The past few days I've woken with a massive's my own fault because I'm already stressing about having enough stock and it's only September ( for a few more days anyway ). I have some lovely ideas I want to get to but I'm only going to make one thing at a time so I don't lose myself in all the mess it would create.

I've been making a few more miniature owls the past few days, I generally make six at a time and it's working really well, they are so cute I'm going to find it hard to part with them!
I've even set up my big tree in the house ( it's weighted down in a big silver bucket full of bricks ) and on this tree I'm starting to hang a few bits and pieces I've been working on ( more of that later ) ready for a huge Christmas display!
The owl population around the base of the tree is growing by the day........these little cuties are only $15 each if anyone wants one.........just shoot me an email.
I'd like to know why it is that throughout the school term I have so much trouble getting the kids out of bed and ready for school, now that it's the holidays guess what time they get up and start playing...........6am give or take 10 minutes! I guess it's a sign that daylight saving is almost here, which means all those lovely long afternoons smelling the cut grass, time for a walk after dinner and before the sun sets.........the best time of year!

Have a great day!


Little Ted Canvas said...

They really are so gorgeous! You are very clever. I hope you feel better soon, I bet you are more organised than you think, it sure looks like you've been busy. Try deep soothing breaths, lots of lists & hopefully your headaches disapear..

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, just wondering when daylight savings is (talking to Rosalind from Grace Designs yesterday) i think it's the 1st Sunday in October, as my 4 are sleeping in but i'm waking early from the sun in the windows.
Super cute owls & i love the sound of that tree indoors, fantastic, love Posie