October 26, 2010

Blogtoberfest day 26.

It took a while and I had a sore back from sitting at my sewing machine but I've finished sewing all the trims on and putting all my cuddly babushka dolls together.
I think I'll take Megan's antique cot to display them in.
Or her red suitcase.
Either way I think I'm going to need a truck to get there.
I should be home soon, then I'll be able to visit and see what all you lovely talented people are up to!
Take care and thanks for visiting!

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frou-frou said...

Hello I just found your website when working my way through everyone taking part in Blogtoberfest. I love your owl - really pretty and characterful (is that a word?).

Hope you're enjoying Blogtober as much as I am. Fiona x