December 14, 2010

Rudolf is on his way!

Where did the time go? Christmas is upon us and I'm so looking forward to spending a bit of time with the kids and not having to worry about homework, sports activities and having to put a bit of spit and polish on the kids every morning as they adorn their uniforms!

I think the kids sometimes have a better social life than their parents. This time of year there are plenty of christmas parties to attend and today Megan was having her class party at school. I wanted to do something special for the kids and I have to admit that I totally copied this idea from Melissa Goodsell over at Day by Day, there is a picture of these scrumptious reindeer treats in her festive blog banner and I fell in love with the idea!
So because we had an end of year school mass last night and we didn't get home til late, the kids and I were up at 10pm cutting, slicing and piping to get these done for school today!
They looked gorgeous as they just kept multiplying and multiplying.......I found it hard not having a little taste, Megan didn't find it hard resisting, she jumped at the chance to accidentally destroy one so it had to be eaten!
So here is the difference between my two wants all the bells and whistles while the other is content with a bag of corn chips for his class party ( which happens to be at the pool ).
I hope you are all enjoying the end of year festivities!
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by marie-nicole said...

They are adorable Brenda!

It is amazing, but not at all uncommon, how different siblings can be even though they come from same gene pool.

Hope you too are enjoying the end of year festivities.

Nat said...

How cute Brenda!! I'm so too going to copy! My 8 year old has a party tomorrow and he's going to love this!! Merry Christmas! x

karlyn Jackson said...

gorgeous! the kids will love them.

Yana said...

they are so cool!! great idea! :)