March 20, 2011

Another look at the drink bottle covers!

 Unlike the first glimpse of my drink bottle covers here's a much clearer look.
 See I didn't forget the boy's!
 I've just finished packing this lot up ready for the posting to Shop Handmade in the morning!

Now I need to go and vacuum my house because towelling is so messy to work with when cutting, once it's overlocked it's fine but there is fluff everywhere and it's driving me crazy
Just in case you were wondering, yes I really do own that many drink bottles ( I found 21 to be exact ), they seem to multiply at our house and clutter up my least when the kids step out with one now it'll look beautiful in it's new cover!


mel @ loved said...

so lovely Brenda! They look much nicer than all the drink bottles we have accumulating here with all their ugly advertising, great idea to cover them up & keep the water cool..

Jodi Dolbel said...

WOW. they look awesome.. so tell me did you end up using all those off cuts at all, or do you now have a whole other pile of off cuts!!! haha

Anonymous said...

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