April 18, 2011

I love her!

I had a round three, four and five and this is the end result.....
 Isn't she the sweetest little birdy you've ever seen?
 I'm so attached to her that I almost don't want to put her in a box and send her to her new home.
 But I know where she is going and I know that she'll be treasured and loved by a very special little girl.
 Yes this little bird was a custom order, but I am working on a few more all to be posted to Shop Handmade this week. Remember if you want one and you can't make it to Shop Handmade please send me an email.
 They will all be lovingly handmade and only $24.95.
 I'm more than happy to do custom orders if you have or want a particular colour used......maybe something you've decorated your room with.
That's all I have for today, I'm off to do 6 loads of washing ( how exciting ) finish a few pear orders, and tidy up for visitors tomorrow.


Becky said...

She is lovely!

I agree with the washing, we have been cleaning for visitors coming this afternoon.

mel @ loved said...

Oh I love her, well done!! It's the perfect washing day here, I hope it is for you too! Enjoy your visitors..x

Jess said...

she is gorgeous, well done you!

Rosalind said...

soooo pretty! I love her, I am sure Anya will love her just as much.... if birdie makes it to her room :-) ha ha, Thanks so much!

Posie Patchwork said...

Completely adorable, love love love. You tease me sending them to Shop when i'm not on duty, so i'll go in with wide eyes on a special trip. Just did a post for tomorrow, about handmade birds, i've got them on my mind. Love Posie

JeffreyAndHilda said...

oh wow!! ok i am officially addicted to your blog!! what an amazing creation!! Brenda i will definitely be in contact with you as soon as shop plans unfold! i was some of all your creations!! just beautiful! You have found the weakness to my heart!! little birds and pears!! i swear if you had owls id go broke!! bird is next on my list!!! (but with yellow!! my other weakness!!) so glad i stumbled across your shop!!! Great work!!
Beth {Jeffrey&Hilda}

Maxabella said...

She's gorgeous. What a gem. x