May 10, 2011

Bunting for Megan.

Yesterday I decided that I couldn't stand looking a the mess in the kids bedroom any longer. I went and got a big green garbage bin from outside and wasted no time in filling it with rubbish, useless clutter, broken toys......if it wasn't any good it was destined for the tip. I had a quick tidy of the wardrobes but I need a day with the kids home so I can check sizes.

I was thinking how nice and clean things were looking, wondering how long it would last once they were home, 10 min, 30 min. I thought about some gorgeous fabric I bought well over a year ago, wondering why I never used it like I had intended to in Megan's room. So today I've decided to start with a little bunting using fabric from my stash to match the scallopy looking fabric for the bed.
Megan's going to get a nice surprise when she gets home.


Becky said...

Indeed she will! Lets hope the new bunting distracts her from the now missing stuff you tossed out :)

Are you free for coffee one day? I am busy Wednesdays and Thursdays but free to drive over on any other day that might suit at some point.

by marie-nicole said...

Such a nice feeling getting your children's rooms looking the way they were meant to!

Looking forward to seeing the outcome of your inspiration.