July 17, 2011

Pretty things.

Everyone knows I love pretty fabric and while checking out a few blogs this morning I came across a textile designer called Sarah Jane, her designs are so beautiful I just had to share. You can visit her blog here.
 Image found here.

I also wanted to share whats left out of the several bunches of flowers I received while in hospital. It's only a few daisies and a couple of carnations but I think they make the sweetest little display.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Jodi Dolbel said...

Aw, thats a bit sad, after all those bunches of flowers, and all thats left is this gorgeous little bunch! Flowers die so fast hey! See ya tomorrow!! Not looking forward to the early start!! EEkkk!

designed to a T said...

Hope you are doing OK Brenda now that you are home...Take Care...T

Posie Patchwork said...

Hey gorgeous, that is a pretty range of fabrics, i hope those flowers last a nice long time too, to pretty!! Sending you sunshine from Brisbane, yay, i will be dragged home kicking & screaming to chilly Canberra, love Posie