July 13, 2007

365 Day Challenge

Day 13

What am I doing with Ryan's Batman suit on you might ask..... Pip has given us another challenge, not only do we have to take a photo of ourselves for the next 365 days but for the month of July there is a dress-up challenge.
Yes I felt like an idiot and the suit was way too small, the top half of the outfit had muscles built into it which made me look like I needed a breast reduction!!! The kids had a great laugh watching their crazy mother leaping around the yard (with her gumboots on just to complete the outfit) pretending to be Batman!!!!!!

Day 12

Just trying to get a little creative with my pictures.

Day 11
Home from Gundy and I'm tired and in need of a bit of a Nanna Nap!!! but first I need a photo.

Day 10

At 3 am this morning I decided to go to Goondiwindi with Mark and go visit friends.
It was great catching up with Pip and looking at all the goodies in her shop, I had lunch with Bronwyn and chatted for 3 hours ( I nearly lost my voice ). I also caught up with Melissa and the boys so the kids could have a play.
A very long day I was glad to get to bed that night.
Day 9 Morning Coffee
I love my Morning Coffee, I just don't seem to be able to get going without it.
If I'm at home I always have my coffee in the same mug and have done so for the last 5 years. If I have my coffee in another mug it just doesn't taste the same, of course it always tastes better if someone else makes it for me!!!

Day 8

Having being spoiled for the past few years by living in Queensland and not really experiencing a very cold winter at all, I found it a bit of a shock when we moved back to NSW and it was freezing. My little feet were suffering so I had to get some nice soft warm slippers....... now I have Happy Feet!!!!!

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Bec said...

Hi Brenda, I too am doing the photo challenge and I have just been checking out all your pics! Day 13 is too funny! Actually all your dress up ones are great!