July 28, 2007

38 and 39

Here I am in my tiny kitchen ( you couldn't even swing a cat in it ) trying to decide what to have for dinner Hmmmm...... something quick and easy I think so I can get everything cleaned up early and go to bed. I'm a bit tired tonight as Ryan decided it would be a great idea if he slept in our bed and Dad slept in his last night, I'm surprised I haven't got a black eye I was on the receiving end of one or two elbows during the night along with grinding teeth, kicking and tossing and turning. I must admit I had a little bit of a camp this afternoon when Mark took the kids to check the cattle!
This is my pic for Day 39
Met the girls in town today for a catch up and coffee at a new coffee shop that only opened the afternoon before! Verdict.... that's the name in case you were wondering will be very popular I'm sure of that!! This is Day38 for me.
The coffee is delish!!!
.....and the food is divine, I have already chosen what I am going to order next time.

Got home late today and this is what I saw in the sky.... beautiful isn't it!!!

5 minutes later....

I later learned from Jodi that it was the makings of a hail storm that hit Gunnedah.

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