July 30, 2007


Don't wear a white shirt when helping your husband pull a couple of calves!!!!
I didn't purposely wear a white shirt I had just come home from town and Mark wanted me to go and check a calf with him ( someone to open all the gates ) in a paddock about 2km from the house. After doing that we noticed two cows having trouble calving, up down pushing and nothing was happening, we gave them a little time to see if they would progress and they didn't, so to cut a long story short we had to put them in the yards ( about another 2km away ) and pull the calves. I was covered in mucus slime and poop, my white shirt didn't survive but the two calves did!!!
So after going home to have a shower and clean up we went back to the yards and took some pics. This is baby no1 We thought this baby was dead.... not the case just too big for mum to push out!!
This is baby no2 ...... Mum just needed a little help
Cute little calves aren't they!

Well here we are day.....
I had big plans for this photo but after the drama that took all day I just had to settle for a picture of the sign in the dark and a pic of me half covered up!!!

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linda said...

Hi Brenda,Good to see you are delivering calfs just like mum.Love Megan in country Chic you are very clever,Big Happy Birthday Ryan have fun tommorrow.Till next time Linda...