July 24, 2007

Little Mate

This is my little mate Phoebe I've had her for just over 10 years now, she's a funny little dog with lots of personality and she is great with the kids, not so great with the little chookies she thinks they're dinner!!!!! This is Day 35 for me.
This is what I saw late yesterday afternoon when sitting at my dining table..... what a view!!!! I live on such a beautiful property and I am always too busy to stop and appreciate the absolutely gorgeous scenery around me! So I might take a leaf out of Pip's book and try to take a few moments every now and then to capture it all!!!!

Finally I might get a day at home tomorrow to do some scrapbooking or even just to tidy up all my goodies, I have been so busy staining some furniture at the shop in town that I haven't had time for anything else!!! Word of advice..... pay the extra $200 to get the item stained and varnished when you buy it!!! don't think that you will save by doing it yourself, I am onto my 3rd tin of stain after 3 coats then I have to sand in between each coat of varnish..... a very time consuming exercise let me tell you!!!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY UNSTAINED FURNITURE!!
Now that I have had my whinge see you later.

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Jodi said...

It is gorgeous isnt it out on the property and thats a lovely photo of the cows!!!