July 23, 2007

Pictures to share

Thought I might share a few cute pictures of Megan and Ryan today. This one was taken when I was trying to get a few good shots for scrapbooking, I asked Megan to smile really big..... check out the smile she is almost busting and as for Ryan well what a huge effort, kinda cute I thought.
Ryan's action shot.... like the tongue?
How cute am I!!!!!!

All around our yard there is lots of really long grass, the kids play and hide in it all the time, which makes me wonder what will we do when summer hits! Snakes snakes snakes.... I can't stand them and I know that with all the long grass they will be around, so my aim is to try and slash it down a bit just to make it a bit safer for us all!! So today's photo is day 34.
Oh Ryan was really upset this morning because I couldn't make his Birthday today instead of next Tuesday, he has left little notes all over the house detailing what he wants, even down to what he wants on his sandwich for the day! Little people are so cute sometimes aren't they!!!
No other news today bye for now

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Pip said...

Great photo of you Brenda ... like the black and white. Megan looks very camera shy ... that big grin is too funny.