July 22, 2007

Two Eggs

Day 33
Two seems to be the average number of egg my new little chookies lay each day, it is very cold so I can't expect too much.
The little ladies have provided many hours of entertainment for the kids, only yesterday I found Megan carrying a basket around with one of the chooks in it like it was a baby.
Every afternoon they fight about who gets to let them out, who gets to collect the eggs and who gets to feed them!
Day 32
Went to a local chinese restaurant last night for dinner ate some seafood and well.... you know the rest!!!


Michelle Staffieri said...

Hi Glenda
You look so sick, my sympathies are with you. Hope it did not take too long to get over!
Thanks again for your amazing Layouts.

Tracey said...

You look so sick hope your feeling better. Your photos are great

linda said...

Hi Brenda,Love the eggs was that your idea or my lovely cousins,very very funny.Till next time your sis in tassie.