August 28, 2007

Bit of a catch up

I've been feeling a bit Blah Blah Blah for the past few days so I haven't been posting but the good news is that I did take my photo's.... so here we go!
Today is day 70 and I simply can not believe that I have stuck with this for so long, I thought this would be the type of thing that I would do for a month and that would be it!!!
Day 69 and Ryan's School Sports Carnival was on today finally as it had already been postponed twice because of the rain. Here is the little man in action he was winning this race until he realised that we were there cheering him on and he kinda got a bit distracted..... still came second though!!! A great day was had by all!
My photo for the day was cooking Chilli Con Carne for dinner....... Hmmmm think I might sleep in Megan's room tonight rather than sleep next to Mark!!! Chilii makes him Fart!!!
It's Sunday day 68 a day for getting a few jobs done around the place because Mark is home for once!!! Yes I married a work-aholic and in true form he mowed half the lawn before we went and had morning tea with Al and Kate then he went to work..... nothing more to say about that!!!
Here I am on Day 67 and looking back at a few of my photo's my eyes look like they change colour. My camera isn't good enough to take a really close shot but if you get really close I have blue eyes with brown and hazel specks in them..... do you know what colour your eyes really are?
Today was Megan's first day at Jazz Ballet for the little ones, it's pretty informal for this group I think as they get up into the other groups it gets serious. It was cute watching all the little girls jumping and pointing around the room in their little outfits.
Day 66 and look what finally turned up in the mail today.... my new straightener!!!! Thanks Kel!!!
Day 65 and I'm off to do reading with Ryan's Class.
Now that I have got all of that out of the way it feels much better, I've gotta go and do a few jobs and I might be back later to share a few things with you
bye for now

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