August 5, 2007

Day 47

Today we all went to Tamworth Kel and I bought some cool stuff while Mark and Nathan had a taste of what it's like to take the kids shopping by themselves! Payback as he thinks things are always soooo easy. Of course Mark caved and bought them something and I totally thought he would have used his brain when he was buying 5 year old Megan a bottle of NAIL POLISH!!! something which I would never allow!
As we were saying our goodbyes to Kel and Nathan Megan said goodbye through the window and wouldn't come outside, by the time I got inside after our guests had left she had attempted to paint all of her nails and already spilt it on Ryan's new desk!!!! MARK WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!!

This is us in the car on the way home.
Can you see the difference between this......
...... and this?
I can and this is another one of crazy little quirks.... the check pattern on the cushions has to run the same way as the check on the lounge and if is isn't it drives me up the wall!!!! Just in case you can't pick it the first picture is correct and the second one is not allowed!!


Jodi said...

OMG, so it is. The cushion is running the wrong way.
Hope you had a lovely weekend. Sounds like you had a lovely time with your Gundi friends.

Marianne said...

Hi - thought I would de-lurk! I love reading everyones quirks - I thought I had some crazy habits ( just kidding)! I drove through Gunnedah on my way to my parents on the weekend and spotted the new coffee shop - it looks very trendy.